Nana-Tuyee Yeboah

Head of Growth

Nana-Tuyee Yeboah is the Chief Investment Officer and Head of Growth for PIC. He is heavily involved in the firm’s long-term strategy and responsible for soliciting new opportunities for the firm.

Prior to PIC, Nana-Tuyee was a part of J.P. Morgan’s Management Associate Program where he held various leadership positions across the Commercial, Investment and Consumer bank.

Prior to J.P. Morgan, Nana-Tuyee worked at GE Antares Capital where he diligently oversaw investments in a variety of industries in the packaging, chemicals, manufacturing, consumer and retail space.

Nana-Tuyee received an MBA from Harvard Business School as well as a B.B.A in Finance, Real Estate and Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.